Redytel has been chosen by Aena for the sensorization work at 16 of the main airports in Spain.

Project features

Redytel will control the stream of people at the main airports in Spain. It is the result of the contract that we have obtained with AENA to implement an IOT network in the 16 main airports, including Madrid, Barcelona o Mallorca.

Our first task is to install cutting-edge technology that allows measuring the stream of people to the different airport services. Once the sensors are installed, more services can be gradually implemented.

This contract will mean the hiring of 15 people for seven months. Later there will be room for maintenance specialists or for future contracts.

To obtain this contract, Redytel IOT has competed with top-level companies such as Telefónica, Indra or Vodafone.

Entrevista con Óscar Cela - Jornadas Tecnológicas Sector Agroalimentario

Mientras llegan los sensores de CO2, toca ponerse el abrigo o la manta en clase (Cadena Ser)

Entrevista con Óscar Cela en Tarde o Temprano (Canarias Radio)