Smart city / Smart rural

We’ve developed value-added projects by turning this technology into an user friendly experience for all citizens and authorities.

Project features

Smart cities are the new way of unerstanding our society. The use of sensors, big data and artificial intelligence allows us to determine and control very significant aspects of our cities and rural areas such as power, water, waste system, parking spaces, accessibility, health, traffic, security, environment and all the daily aspects of life. All this innovations helps us to produce a better quality of life and a better use of public and private resources.

One of our latest achievements is the Air 4.0 project, an innovative solution to measure CO2 concentrations, temperature and relative humidity in order to assess the environmental quality and level of ventilation inside buildings. The use of the Internet of Things has made it possible to place sensors in the appropriate places, this devices also allow us to generate points of concentration of people helping in the transmission of COVID 19.

Another example is our Water and Street Lighting Power System Control. In this case we can implement AI solutions in order to improve energy efficiency and avoid power supply failures or poor water quality.

We have a vast range of sensor devices which can track dumpsters capacity or even display fire alerts related to this dumpsters. This information could reduce efforts and assist to the personel in charge in the management tasks.

Health and Safety is another project in which we can offer innovative solutions and real time metrics.

Our main goal is to establish efficient and useful networks to improve our quality of life, and making our future a better and comfortable place.

Entrevista con Óscar Cela - Jornadas Tecnológicas Sector Agroalimentario

Mientras llegan los sensores de CO2, toca ponerse el abrigo o la manta en clase (Cadena Ser)

Entrevista con Óscar Cela en Tarde o Temprano (Canarias Radio)