About us

REDYTEL was founded thirty years ago and we are experts in wireless solutions. Nowadays and facing the actual need of sensorization and data analytics we founded REDYTEL IoT SL.

One of REDYTEL's big achievements is to bring IT solutions at provincial or Autonomous-Community level

This fact assures a high capacity for adaptation to the peculiarities and local demands of our clients. REDYTEL IoT offers adaptable and optimized solutions to the wine sector, as well as solutions for apiculture companies, livestock farming and public institutions.

We have our own hardware and software engineering

Our commitment to open source give us the chance to work with innovative and iterative platforms and also relieve users. REDYTEL IoT is a company integrated by IT consultants and experts in sensorization and implantation of management systems. We have provided solutions to factories and power plants.

Entrevista con Óscar Cela - Jornadas Tecnológicas Sector Agroalimentario

Mientras llegan los sensores de CO2, toca ponerse el abrigo o la manta en clase (Cadena Ser)

Entrevista con Óscar Cela en Tarde o Temprano (Canarias Radio)