Measuring CO2 levels

Thanks to the Redytel IoT low-powered sensors we can measure a diverse range of environmental variables such as air/water quality and CO2 levels

Problem analysis and reporting solutions

Global situation

The global pandemic of COVID 19 has forced companies and institutions to be especially careful with the hygiene of their centers, to avoid, as far as possible, the transmission of the virus.

The air is the key

The quality of air play a key part in keeping conditions inside premises safe and comfortable


Redytel IoT engineers have developed effective measurement systems when it comes to ensuring good air quality, for which a multitude of sensors have been developed.

How it works

Public transport

State buildings

Shops and businesses

Measuring CO2 levels

Air quality levels inside an office during seven days

Air quality on mobile

Outdoor measurements

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Entrevista con Óscar Cela - Jornadas Tecnológicas Sector Agroalimentario

Mientras llegan los sensores de CO2, toca ponerse el abrigo o la manta en clase (Cadena Ser)

Entrevista con Óscar Cela en Tarde o Temprano (Canarias Radio)